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Fifty years ago there was a great war. Both sides were equally matched in weaponry and might. That's when the alchemists arrived. With their dark magic, they created terrible beasts that quickly became uncontrollable. They indiscriminately attacked anything and everything and soon both sides were left decimated. Those who wanted to survive, fled to isolated areas.


Vincent lives alone with his Uncle, Troy,  in an isolated cabin at the base of a mountain. His parents left when he was just four years old to secure another cabin on the other side of the mountain, but they never returned. It's been twelve years and to better prepare Vincent for a world riddled with monsters, Troy trains the boy to wield a sword.


Enjoy a turned-based battle system that sports a Timed Attack Battle mechanic. Hit the enemy at the right time to do damage! Earn Valor Points (VP) during battle to spend on more powerful abilities. 

Team Member Contributions
Jacob Mann - Story, Music, 3D Renders, Various Edits
Corban Wood - Battle System, Skills, Balancing
Lauren Atwood - Character Art

Trade\Commission Contribution
Rebecca Murphey - Holder Character Battler Edits 

Install instructions

Unzip the game to a desired location and run the "game.exe."
Note if it does not load correctly try running the game as administrator by right clicking on the "game.exe" and selecting "Run as Administrator."


LBOEv1.3.zip 556 MB
LBOEMacVer1.3.zip 557 MB

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As the IGMC is nearing completion, I just wanna give a huge shout out to all of those who played the game and gave feedback!


It means so much and the game couldn't improve or be fixed without your feedback.  There's not much time left, so, I'm not here to ask for anyone to leave any feedback for fixing the game last minute unless you absolutely desire to do so and find something. Moreover, I'd love to know what your personal thoughts on the story and design of the game as a whole are. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you just don't give a flop? I'd love to know. Really. Anyways, thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you all.